Groovy Tuesday

I miss doing musical posts – been listening to a lot of new stuff recently, with most of it being a jazzy-hiphop/ electronic vibe. I just feel like this is such great music to relax to, it always puts my mind at ease and gives me the imagery of a 1930’s classy bar/lounge armed with really cushion-y chairs and a glass of whisky on the rocks in my hand. How very 007 😉 Oh and by the way, I’m listening to this music with a really musky, amber/vanilla scented candle in the background. Bliss, absolute pure bliss.

Without further adieu, my playlist of the night:

1. Benny Freestyles – Benny & The Jetta (Intro)
2. Janoma – Bubbles and Confetti <– this is like an hour long set, perfect set for me to listen to when I’m preparing myself to go out.
3. Celeste Lear – Light Through the Branches
4. Eddie – Chill
5. Kryone – Wild Youth
6. John Legend – Save Room (I will honestly never get sick of this song)
7. Troy K. – Replay Value
8. yoshinori takezawa – Audio Leaf

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