Cafe Deco Pizzeria

Spaghetti CarbonaraIt seems like I’ve been having a lot of gourmet pizzas all around town recently but hey, no shame. So we ordered the wagyu beef & prawn pizza ($158), the spaghetti carbonara ($138).

The overall experience was great. What initially won me over was the exposed brick and urban-styled decor. The lighting inside is also really awesome-looking, the spider-esque lights really edged up the place.

Foodwise, this place serves up some pretty unconventional pizzas. I mean, I’ve never been to Italy but I’m pretty sure Peking Duck  and satay chicken pizza aren’t dotting the streets of Sicily. It’s definitely adapted to suit the ever-changing HK-palate and  in a cacophonous explosion of flavours and textures. I do have to give it props for a  nice, crisp base but the other elements of the pizza  just felt like a  giant question mark to me. This pizza combined heavier (and more expensive) elements and tried to offset it with the lightness of asparagus. Yet I am completely lost with the drizzle of garlic aioli that topped off one of the strangest tasting dishes I’ve had in a long time; the spaghetti was better: it was what a good carbonara should be, creamy and rich and that might warrant a second visit.

Wagyu and Prawn pizza

It was such a shame that we didn’t have room for dessert since the menu was pretty much catered to my taste: banoffee pie, vanilla sabayon, soft centered mild chocolate tart… I might return just for the desserts next time.

Cafe Deco Pizzeria Elements 1 Austin Rd W, Tsim Sha Tsui, 2196 8099

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