Local Flavors

Sticky Rice (Shanghai Hong Kong Noodle Shop)

This was a little out of my reach so there was definitely premeditation for this visit. I came this time because I was due to attend a store-opening event close-by and it was the best decision ever. I have been frequenting this modest Shanghainese store probably since I was eight so we have a little bit of history. Yet after more than a decade I still return for a sticky rice to go almost every time I go to Causeway Bay. They serve up really great authentic flavours and are one of the dragons of the dying old-school street eat diners. Every time I come here, I get a nice fuzzy reminiscent feeling and a mild paralysing fear that this place I have grown up with might close-up shop in the ever-commercializing Causeway Bay.

They are known best for their sticky-rice rolls ($17) which are filled with  springy pork floss, preserved vegetables and Chinese crullers. If I’m to be completely critical, my roll had too much rice but because it was so jam-packed full of savoury and sweet flavours, it honestly didn’t matter. The thing that really sets them apart is their preserved vegetables. The vegetables are somewhat sour with a little bit of sweetness with a really nice crunchy texture and stuffed in the perfect ratio to rice and other ingredients; I also ordered the sweet tofu ($8) and cold soy milk ($8). Their sweet tofu is probably one of the best around town, the tofu itself is so smooth and just falls apart in the mouth. Its sweetness is at a fine-tuned equilibrium with a hint of floral in it and the sweet soy milk is one to try-out too. A total bang for the buck, boom.

Sweet Tofu (Shanghai Hong Kong Noodle Shop)

Shanghai Hong Kong Noodle Shop (上海香港麵家), 29 Jardine’s Bazaar, 2576 1343. Via openrice

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