Fine (Affordable) Wines

Domaines Dujac

I have been lucky enough to be invited to a few wine tastings recently and am a recent wine convert. Some great labels to look out for is Domaines Dujac, Shaw+Smith and Penfolds. All of these wineries are releasing something new this year that I am really excited for.  Please bear in mind I don’t really understand wine even on an amateur level, I just like really specific ones and am here to share my experiences.

If anyone wants to get on my good side, I would definitely recommend the  Triennes Rosé (2013) which was only bottled three short months ago and isn’t too sweet and reads a little dry on the palate. Second thing I would pick up would be is the Triennes Auréliens Blanc 2012 which is a really light and sweet white wine.

For reds, I like the purity of Shaw+Smith’s 2012 Shiraz, I really appreciate the depth and the aromatics, it’s kind of peppery but it’s paired really nicely with notes of raspberry and blueberry.

Of course, for Penfolds, I would go straight to their Bin 389 Cabernet Shiraz  which has that little bit of char and creaminess to it with  its characteristic fruits, spices and varietal markers. I don’ t like wines with a lot of tannin and this wine manages to deliver that beautiful complexity without really drying the palate.

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