Catalunya (2)It was another one of those nights where it was time to play catch up with another friend. After reading so many good reviews on this place,  I had really high expectations. First let me talk about the positives: it looks completely gorgeous inside and the tapas were delicious: the cod fritters ($90) and lobster and avocado roll ($160) were delicious. The lobster avocado roll was so full of flavour and a nice zesty sauce, a fantastic dish to go with drinks. The cod fritter was a nice and filling snack that paired great with the roll.

We also ordered the Lobster Rice ($550) which smelt so heavenly but tasted way too salty and the meat on the lobster was really mushy and tasted really of nothing. We also ordered the traditional suckling pig “Segovian style” ($825) which was a huge disappointment. The skin was nice and smoky but the meat was dry and so stripped of flavour. We also ordered the artisan bread ($35) – which was doughy and impossible to chew and clams a la basca ($110) which had no flavour at all.

To wrap up, I’d say come here for drinks and tapas but if you’re in for a real meal, I’d take a rain check.

Rating: ★★☆☆☆
Catalunya (3)

Catalunya, G/F, Guardian House, Morrison Hill, 32 Oi Kwan Rd, Wanchai, 2866 7900;

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