Cafe Deco Pizzeria (Part II)

June 30(3)

I went out with a couple of friends yesterday to finally watch the newest “Transformers” movie. We had some time to kill so my friends decided they wanted to grab a slice of pizza – which eventually evolved to full blown Italian indulgence.

We ordered three dishes: Wagyu Beef & Prawn Pizza ($158), Beef Ragout Rigatoni ($148), Mushroom Risotto ($138) which totals to about 380 (+10%) – which is not too expensive by any means (especially considering their lunch set menu has an app, entree and dessert all for around $140). This was my second time here and it felt more and more like a family restaurant, complete with a group of screaming kids.

June30 (2)The pizza had a great, crisp base but was topped with unconventional pairings such as steak, prawns and roasted capiscum. The mayonnaise was an even stranger touch that completely lost me (but I was pretty much alone in that criticism); the mushroom risotto was cooked perfectly but had just a tad too much white truffle oil.

June30(1)My favourite dish by far was the rigatoni, for its deep sensuous flavours and heartiness. However I do think the cherry tomatoes were a little fresh and didn’t feel completely harmonious with the dish.


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