Get Artsy

Breakfast @ Agnes BI’ve always been a fan of brunch and artsy things so naturally when I put those two together today, it pretty much guaranteed a fantastic day. Me and my mother decided to go to the popular agnès b. café  before heading into our modeling clay class. Breakfast was more than underwhelming – my “full breakfast” (priced at $128HKD) had undercooked mushrooms, canned baked beans and soggy potatoes but the Earl Grey tea ($36HKD) was absolutely fantastic. I also really appreciated the fact that the bags weren’t held together with a staple, so that I know I’m not drinking rust with my tea.

PeonyI’ve been working with clay since I was 7-years old, different types including ceramics, polymer and modeling. I just find a strange satisfaction when I can physically make something with my hands. I’ve always been making models of things (I ‘immortalize” memories by crafting them out of clay) so this time I wanted to do something a little different to further my skill set. Instead I am attempting to make an arrangement of flowers. You’ll get to see more in a week, got to make 7 of these babies to put into an arrangement.

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