Le Grand Pokka Cafe


I love the Pokka Coffee chains so it was only natural that I was going to pay patronage to the one in the airport when I was there the other day.

The “Homemade Icing Coffee cake” mousse cake had an excellent creamy texture to it on the top however, I can’t say the same thing about the sponge in the middle which was a tad dry. The caramelized nuts and oats on top added a nice crunchy texture and sweetness to the already delicious dessert.

WafflesThe waffle was crisp but had a nice airiness on the inside. The chocolate sauce was decadent, think and completely necessary. The ice cream was a nice bonus but the oreos were a strange touch.

More DessertHere is the big winner though. The hazelnut french toast was completely crazy delicious. There was creaminess, crispiness and ice cream – which completely overwhelmed all of my senses. Something that resulted in more itis but was completely worth it.  The plating on the other hand, left more to be desired, but at this point, I’m just looking for a bone to pick with because this was pretty much perfection on a plate.

The verdict: Absolutely delicious afternoon snack but left me pretty much immobile for the rest of the day and a guilty gym day (I ran about 10km and went a little overboard with the weight training afterwards. Result: Two days of excruciating pain)

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