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Impulse Buys

Mini Haul I was in need of some makeup on the go recently (for an impromptu coffee date) and I had remembered that I had left my makeup bag on my work desk  just as I got onto public transport. Let me tell you ladies and gents, that was an unparalleled feeling of panic that jolted through my entire body as this thought flitted across my mind. Despite hardly ever touching up during the day, it’s just something that I need to have just in case of situations like this actually, where I want to look refreshed and flawless.

So I went to Watsons and picked up the necessary eyeliner and lipgloss I needed to smoke out and plump my face and lips accordingly. The verdict is: don’t just haphazardly pick up items you think might be great. Whilst the Bourjois Waterproof Eyeliner (in Crazy about Brown) might not be terrible, it definitely is not waterproof as it smudged quite considerably on my waterline. As for the Maybelline  Lip Polish (in Glam 14), definitely was not as opaque as I had wished for it to be on the lips (Glam 7 has much more colour payoff) but gave a nice glassy-gloss finish. In retrospect, I might have been better off just dashing into Estee Lauder and grabbed a lipstick for the price of the two products ($168HKD) but it was definitely interesting to try out more Bourjois products (after raving about their healthy mix foundation here)

I have also been having a lot of problems with my phone recently and after constantly pleading my friends to borrow their portable chargers, I decided to take the plunge myself and picked up the xoopar charger ($268HKD) which comes in a cute grey pouch (it also comes in 6 colours, I believe). It has a good 5000 mAh which gives two full charges. So far so good.

An impulse buy I picked up on the same trip were two eyeglass cloths that I spotted at eGG Optical boutique which had a gumball machine that dispenses eyeglass cloths in an egg. I had my eye on the RGB cloth that I got on the first go (it came with a separate tattoo inspired printed cloth as well), so I’m a pretty happy camper.

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