The Best Pick Me Up

Instant Noodles

Easily one of the staple foods of Hong Kong-ers, instant noodles (doll noodles) always give me feelings of nostalgia. Whenever that signature scent of sesame oil and Nissin soup base is close, it brings back weekend memories with my parents throughout the years. It also helps that this is completely delicious and could be considered a meal in itself since it usually includes protein, veg and carbs all loaded into a dish (plus loads of sodium). So to make your week just a little sweeter, let me list out a few of the best places to get this seemingly simple and delicious treat.

1. 大少爺茶餐廳 (Eldest Son): The best place in Hong Kong hands down for a bowl is located in none other than Happy Valley – home to many other great food places and the most peaceful Starbucks in town. This is served with a variety of toppings such as satay beef, sausage, luncheon meat that are cooked perfectly and adds a heartiness to the perfect bowl of noodles… Topped off with an egg. Their soup base is what really sets them apart – aromatic and seasoned perfectly, I haven’t found a place in the last five years who could even touch this place. G/F, 12 Yuen Yuen St, Happy Valley. 2690 1111

2. 讚記廚房 (A Plus Kitchen) – pictured – : I was here the day before I left for Toronto upon recommendation of a dear friend of mine. Whilst the soup wasn’t anything too remarkable, their sides are absolutely fantastic. There is a grittiness in the luncheon meat that rounds off the soup and feels great to bite into.  Their hot-dog sausage also is seared to perfectly, adding some smokiness that elevates the bowl of noodles.  Shop B, G/F, Winfield Commercial Building, 6-8 Prat Avenue, Tsim Sha Tsui. 2311 6833

3. 嫦記 (Sheung Kee): I have been eating here ever since I was a wee child and their standards have not dropped after all these years. Another place in Happy Valley, they serve up a hearty portion of noodles that have a rustic feel to it. They add some white pepper and herbs to it that make it different to any other local restaurant I have been to. Also it could be because it’s smack bang in the middle of a wet market but their down to earth vibe makes me love this place even more.  Shop 2, 2/F, Cooked Food Stall, Yuk Sau Street, Happy Valley. 2882 2994

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