My (Second) Favourite Restaurant in the World

Aqua (2)This has been my favourite restaurant for three years. Every time I’m back in town, this is the place I will go to for some good Italian and Japanese grub. They also have a killer panoramic view of the Victoria Harbour, which is a huge plus in my books. I just love watching the 8pm light show from this view as well, gorgeous.

I went there last Sunday and tried out the mixed yakitori plate (featuring scallops, chicken, beef and lamb). This was very much a mixed bag for me even though my company for the evening enjoyed it all. Personally, I found the meat to have a very loose texture, almost like chewing on wet wood shavings. All the other proteins were passably good, with the lamb trumping all of the meats. It had a great sear and was very tender.


We also ordered a sashimi plate which was… adequate. It was nothing too special but my slice of toro did have bone in it, which more than surprised me. Whilst we are on the topic of mediocre, their bread left much more to be desired. It felt like I was a cheetah in the wild, hacking away at the tough hide of a buffalo it was so hard to get through. I remember thinking at that point “This night is going to be rough”.

Aqua (3)We also ordered the lobster risotto which featured crab roe as well. Bad decision, the texture was strange and way too salty. The taste of lobster was completely masked by the salt and the texture of the rice was way too soft. A glaring disappointment as this used to be my favourite dish of the restaurant. Still, Aqua managed to redeem itself with their truffle pizza. It has always been the best in town (in my humble opinion) – thin crisp crust, a really aromatic truffle paste with asparagus and topped with an egg yolk – this baby is a work of art. Biting into the gooey cheese paired with the perfectly seasoned baby asparagus was like levitating into a completely different dimension. I ate until I could eat no more. Aqua. 29/F, Penthouse, 1 Peking Road, Tsim Sha Tsui. 3427 2288

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