Bricklane(1)During the weekend, me and a few friends decided to finally go try out this restaurant that I’ve been walking past a lot each time I am around the Tsim Sha Tsui area (which is probably way too often for my own good). Since it was a Sunday it was probably going to be packed, so we decided to try the Admiralty branch, which was delightfully light in traffic. Apart from the obvious obstacles in getting there (it is in a government building straight bang in the middle of nowhere), it was quite pleasant. The building itself overlooked the harbour and the restaurant had an outdoor patio for those who were willing to sweat it out. Service wise, this place was weak. With over five servers and only four tables to serve, it was very frustrating how slowly they operated and how inefficient they were (ie. coffee took about 30 minutes and was served without cream or sugar)

Bricklane(2)Now let’s talk food. Firstly, the food was wonderful. Hands down the best eggs benedict ($88) I have ever had in Hong Kong. The hollandaise was so creamy and elegant I wanted to have just another side order of it to go with bread… Or rather, anything really.  If you want me to get real nitpicky, the hollandaise did have a touch too much acidity and the bread could have been more crisp but really, I don’t want to fault the dish. Just to enjoy it at its full splendour; the all-day-breakfast ($118) however was very weak. The baked beans were worse than the ones I’ve had out of a can, the texture of the sausage like week-old bread (hard but soft, very grainy and just fell apart), lacked variety and just was a tragic mess.  Lastly, we go to the french toast. But I could hardly justify the 20 minutes wait – after all the other dishes were served – the outside of the toast was well fried and the seared bananas were a great touch, but I fault this dish with the toast not being evenly coated. Some parts were more crisp than the others and it felt like it could be fried for slightly longer since it still retained a really bread-y texture. Still, this dish was solid and the syrup-soaked peameal bacon just made this a full-on perfect brunch for me.

Bricklane(3)Bricklane Shop 404, 4/F., Citic Tower, 1 Tim Mei Avenue, Admiralty, 2363 2500

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