Jo Malone

Jo Malone

I was having a small debate with two of my good friends yesterday about whether or not fragrance makes an impact on a date – I was on the losing end, saying that it did and that it had worked in my favour previously but both of them brushed it off as something insignificant. I still am not completely convinced. I think that smells are one of the things that really make an impact and a lasting impression on someone – which is why I hesitate to really stray from my favourite fragrances (or at least frangrant notes). A light jasmine and pear are notes that I have consistently returned to.

I know that many people (especially in the UK) are fans of Jo Malone perfumes, but I had never found one that suited myself and have always been a little bitter about it.  I wanted so desperately to like this line of perfume too because the packaging is absolutely divine – clean, simple and elegant (absolutely nothing fussy about it), it fits perfectly with my design ethic. This was until the Peony Suede colonge got on my radar. After I had heard Amelia‘s story about how a man had chased her down the subway to ask what perfume she was wearing (which was this exact perfume) I felt that I had to give this a whiff.

The Peony & Suede ($560/ 30mL) is a very Spring-floral perfume that lasts very well on the skin – after a busy day out, I could still smell hints of it on my skin. I would describe this perfume as the sigh you breathe when you meet someone that you really really like. This is different to my favourite Gianfranco Ferre “In the Mood for Love”  in that the P&S lacks character – the Ferre has a kind of vivaciousness and playfulness that makes it a perfect first date perfume.

Peony & Suede DescriptionHowever, this is easily corrected. To suck you in, Jo Malone actually give you samples of the perfect ‘pairing’ fragrance which in my case were the Nectarine Blossom & Honey and Red Roses. Both smelt absolutely wretched alone but added so much more warmth and character to the Peony & Suede.  The RR gives it an extra aura of sophistication whilst the NB&H adds a warmth that hugs you like a hot summer night; Now that I’ve put them together I don’t know how I’ll ever manage to wear them apart. It’s going to be hard to resist purchasing these in full size.

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