Chinese Desserts

Dessert2One of the things I love most about Hong Kong is how close nature is to the city – how easy it is to be at ‘home’ but still in the great outdoors. Mind you,  a car helps but public transport does get you easily to these destinations with an hour extra tacked on more or less. I was at Kei Kee Dessert with a few friends recently because one of my visiting friends from Toronto was a big fan of their grass jelly dessert (pictured below) which is served with an inordinate sum of fruits: watermelon, mangoes, peaches, jack fruit, coconut jelly, star fruit, bananas… You name it, it’s probably in the bowl. This came at a reasonable price of $70 which made us all leave with about twice the daily recommended serving of fruit. DessertWe also ordered the mango black sticky rice with coconut milk, durian and cream crepe as well as another mango concoction (pictured below). Unfortunately, the food here wasn’t fantastic (the rice was watery and the grass jelly held little to no flavour) but it’s all about the experience of getting there that really made the trip for me. Such a scenic drive and a chaotic environment framed the day elegantly.Dessert3Kei Kee Dessert, Shop 7, Chi Fu Centre, Yuen Long; 2479 4743

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