Urban @ Landmark

DSC01020 I was hanging out with my friend in Central the other day before a doctors appointment and were both knackered after an intense shopping spree so we decided to sit down a little bit. Unfortunately, the Pret we frequent didn’t have any room so we went across to Urban instead (which was arguably one of the best decisions I’ve made so far in the week). I must say, this place is fast becoming one of my favourite bakeries in Hong Kong despite its busy traffic and unruly customers.

DSC01022Foodwise, these are easily one of the better bakeries I’ve gone to recently. All of the pastries were fresh, the danish was crisp and flaky, just about raining bits of crispy goodness with each bite. The cream on the raspberry danish was rich, decadent and anything a girl would need after a rough day; the finishing touches were amazing in this place – enough to put anyone in a good mood. One is example is that on the serviette that they give you with your food, it says “Call for a good time” which was just absolutely too cute. DSC01031

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