August Favourites

Favourite 2This month really has been all about the skincare for me. I haven’t been using too much makeup (shock, horror!) for no reason exactly, I just wanted to strip it back down to the basics. 

For this reason, I have been really been trying to put moisture back into my skin. The Clinique Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief used with the Michael Todd Antioxidant Carrot Serum for maximum effect. Although this product is specifically designed for anti-aging and acne prone skin, I found that it works perfectly on my combination skin. After slathering this on in the evening I woke up to soft, silky skin in the morning. To prove a point, I tried this out as a moisturizer on my long haul flight (15 hours) to Toronto and was pleasantly surprised to find that this really did wonders for my skin and alleviated some dry patches I had pre-flight. The one drawback to the serum though is that it smells awful, so if scent is a real make or break for you, I suggest you really keep this for a rainy day but don’t skip it altogether.

Another treatment that has been doing me good this month is the Glamglow Supermud™  Clearing Treatment. It feels cooling to the skin and dries rather hard but the aftereffects are amazing. It cleared up my skin and brightened it – definitely is the ultimate 15-minute facial for me. Case and point: this is my second tub in the last half a year. Afterwards, I follow it up with the Michael Todd Blue-Green Algae Toner which really leaves my skin feeling supple and really clean before bed. This formula contains anti-bacterial tea tree oil, for those of you with really bad breakouts, this is the toner for you.

Last but not least, I have also been using Bioderma Sensibio H2O as the final step to my makeup cleansing routine. I find that this really gets the job done following up my double cleanser (Purity cleanser & MT’s Charcoal cleanser), getting rid of some pesky waterproof eyeliner or if I’m too lazy to use my cleansers, this gets the job done(ish).

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