Café Deco Pizzeria (Part III)

DSC01374It’s been a while since I went to Café Deco and I’ve got to say I am somewhat disappointed. After being named one of my favourite mid-point pricing Italian restaurants in Hong Kong, I expected to come back “home” when I returned here after three months in Canada. I even dragged a few friends and family along to share the experience because as they say, sharing is caring. But I must say it was quite a disappointment.

DSC01366We ordered a couple of starters: The Appetizer Platter ($218) and traditional bruschetta ($74). I remember one thing that struck me was how dry the meatballs were in the Appetizer Platter and that seemed to be a common theme throughout the meal. The beef on our wagyu beef and prawn pizza ($178 [+$20 increase since we last returned to the place]) was bone dry as well with barely any flavour in it. I also found the rest of the meats on the pizza dry and tasteless – it seemed like this pizza suffered some major quality control damage since I last returned. The one redeeming factor of the appetizers are the calamari which were tender and crispy at the same time and seasoned beautifully by a variety of spices.

We also Applewood Smoked Salmon ($158) which was surprisingly delicious. The smokiness of the smoked salmon paired with the apple made a very interesting flavour combination and two other dishes Beef Ragout Rigatoni ($152) and Mushroom Risotto ($168) which I have discussed before that have remained relatively consistent. To be honest, I expected much more coming back to this place but I must say it wasn’t a terrible experience and I might come back after a few months again.

Read my two previous reviews of this place: Café Deco Pizzeria (Part II) and Café Deco Pizzeria


Café Deco Pizzeria. Shop 1005, 1/F., Elements, 1 Austin Road West, Tsim Sha Tsui. 2196 8099

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