Grand Hyatt Steakhouse

Steakhouse (1)As a pre-Father’s Day celebration, me and my parents went to Grand Hyatt’s Steakhouse down in Wanchai. I have got to say this place failed to make a good first impression but made up for it by the end of the meal.
Steakhouse (2) Let’s start off with the bread and apps. Their garlic bread was not too shabby but was nothing too special – nothing that I wouldn’t be able to find at any mid-range Italian restaurant or even Pizza Hut. For appetizers, we ordered baked snails ($280), New England Clam Chowder with lobster ($180) and Broiled Alaskan King Crab Legs with garlic butter ($380). Out of three apps, there were three unsatisfied customers. I can’t speak for my company but my clam chowder tasted more like a cream of potato with random pieces of lobster floating inside. The bread served with it was cold and the butter congealed. Not exactly a good start. Steakhouse (3)For the main course, we ordered two cuts of rib eye: a 32 oz Tomahawk rib eye chop – for two ($1,280) and a 14 oz USDA natural black angus beef rib eye ($410) with a side dish of truffled french fries with parmesan cheese ($95). Both steaks were equally good but I personally preferred the black angus beef because it just melted in my mouth whereas the other was grittier and had more of a bite to it. Both had a distinct charcoal smokiness to it that really elevated the flavour of the meat.

Lastly the winner of the night: dessert. What really caught my eye was the dessert menu which I’m sure had a bit of heaven injected into it. I ordered the Washington Apple Crunch with Vanilla soft ice cream ($95) but close contenders included their baked cheese case and chocolate mud pie. The apple crumble was everything I could hope for. The crumble melted in my mouth with the beautifully delicate soft serve ice cream. The one thing that was a tad of an overkill was the pistachios dusted on top which did absolutely nothing for the dish.  I guess this dessert is a cult classic for a reason. It’s really hard to go wrong with such an elegant dish. SteakhouseGrand Hyatt Steakhouse. M/F, Grand Hyatt Hong Kong, 1 Harbour Road, Wan Chai. 2584 7722

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