Jamie’s Italian @ Hong Kong

Jamies (3)Instead of queueing up at 5pm for a seat at Jamie’s Italian TST, I opted to make reservations a month ahead so that me and my company would be guaranteed a table at the restaurant with minimal waiting time (I absolutely hate queues as you would’ve seen in my Lady M post). Continue reading “Jamie’s Italian @ Hong Kong”


The Highly Coveted: Lady M

Lady M(1)

One of the neweset addition to Hong Kong’s foodie scene is Lady M Confections – a boutique bakery which has captured the hearts of many in America (it has recently been named one of the 30 “Food Reasons NYC Is Worth The Struggle“) Continue reading “The Highly Coveted: Lady M”


My Makeup Routine

What I Wear

I like to think of my makeup routine as pretty straightforward and easy because that’s the kind of person I am. Let me start off saying that these are all holy grail – status products to me and have my seal of approval. Continue reading “My Makeup Routine”


15 Thoughts You Get in the MTR

Instead of listening to my hipster-approved music today, I decided to look around and see observe was going on. I guess you can say I really “soaked it in” when some guy rubbed his sweaty shoulder over my cheek. That being said, here are a few thoughts I had during my “journey” home: Continue reading “15 Thoughts You Get in the MTR”