15 Thoughts You Get in the MTR

Instead of listening to my hipster-approved music today, I decided to look around and see observe was going on. I guess you can say I really “soaked it in” when some guy rubbed his sweaty shoulder over my cheek. That being said, here are a few thoughts I had during my “journey” home:

1. The words “please stand back from the door” sound more like a challenge.., Can you make it into the cramped train without getting your back fat squeezed in between the doors?

Made it.

2. $10 left on my Octopus? Now that’s living on the edge

3. Mrs. Fields is within the “paid area of the station”. This totally makes it okay to stuff my face with cookies right?

4. I’m tired of standing.

I guess you can say this guy takes “resting” to “new heights”. 

5. HKD$68 for an entire cheesecake at Maxims?


5. People who don’t read signs…

 No, you can’t insert less than $50 into the top up machine

6. Or alternatively, people who
don’t know what station they’re going to before buying their tickets…

 Step aside and let the pros handle it

7. People who suddenly stop walking… 

8. And don’t get me started on people crawling at a snail’s pace because they’re watching their favourite k-drama

9. People who wear backpacks should not be allowed to ride the MTR.

This is essentially what you’re doing

10. Old man getting onto the train, shall I give up my seat knowing that the moment I get up, everyone else will too.

Oh all right, I’ll play the angel just this once.

11. People who hog two seats with their bags are the absolute worst

12. At Admiralty, you brace yourself for the inevitable sea of people who are about to gush in through the doors

13. Unless you’re one of the people funneling through towards the red or blue line, then … Be brave.

14. Only in HK do you find vending machines full of bad umbrellas… So shall I buy an umbrella that’ll hold up about 30 paces before leaking …?

Decisions, decisions

15. Ooh look, there’s an open seat! Let me casually stroll towards it…

… Said no one ever.

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