Beef & Liberty

LibertyandBurger (1)So this week was a crazy week for me but I managed to try a couple of places out, one being Beef & Liberty by Star Street which has gotten rave reviews from multiple sources. They are known for their juicy patties and mouthwatering cheesiness. Well, it’s rather unfortunate, but I cannot say that this was really worth the hype. 
LibertyandBurger (2)Right off the bat I was impressed with its decor (from the outside), the sign was lit up like an Urban Outfitters and looked like it had a cool vibe. I’ve got to say though, I was rather disappointed when I went inside. Not to say that there isn’t a good vibe there, but it’s more prison chic than upper-crust gourmet burger place (which is what you’re paying for).  Those metal chairs you see in police movies in the interrogation rooms? Yeah, that’s what you’ll be sitting on so don’t wear shorts unless you’re looking for an instant frostbite, or that unpleasant flesh-to-metal stickiness when you get up from a metallic surface. There are a few comfy looking booths in the restaurant, but overall, I’d say I get more of an urban vibe from this place than a high-brow burger place.

Foodwise, this place is neither the best nor worst burger places I have been to. The meat is inconsistently cooked (we shared three burgers), my bacon cheese burger ($155 with fries and a drink/ $122 for just the burger) had a nice smokiness to it but the meat was over cooked and I found the bread to be to soft and fluffy, which shows in the picture because the burger is basically leaking before I put it into my mouth. I just want more of a bite and grittiness when I tear my way into a burger;   The classic burger ($92) was rather bland – it failed to really leave an impression – but the black pepper burger ($115) had a nice kick to it. It was very juicy and had just the right amount of spice and fragrance to it. The meat was the most tender but again, the bun really disappointed and got soggy really quickly.

Now onto the dessert and milkshakes. The vanilla milkshake ($68) was thick and creamy. There were some curds in them (bleh), but all in all, like the burgers, kind of bland and lacking in vanilla flavour. Still, it didn’t stop me from glugging it down (I was halfway done by the time food was served). Dessert was a “warm skillet cookie & cream” ($59 medium sized/ $138 XL) which was basically just a chocolate chip cookie in a pan with cream drizzled on top. Like the burger, it was just kind of okay.

This experience was not bad – the food wasn’t bad, ambiance was okay – but it wasn’t amazing. I won’t be rushing back anytime soon since there are so many more options even just in the Star Street area.

Rating: ★★★☆☆
LibertyandBurger (3)Beef & Liberty. 2/F, 23 Wing Fung St., Admiralty. 2811 3009

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