Jamie’s Italian @ Hong Kong

Jamies (3)Instead of queueing up at 5pm for a seat at Jamie’s Italian TST, I opted to make reservations a month ahead so that me and my company would be guaranteed a table at the restaurant with minimal waiting time (I absolutely hate queues as you would’ve seen in my Lady M post). So apparently the theme of the night was decadence and carbs galore because everything we ordered was either truffle/mushroom based or made with exorbitant amount of cream and/or cheese. Jamies (1)For starters, we ordered crispy squid ($60) and breaded portabello mushroom sprinkled with parmesan. I have to say that both were just alright. The parm added a richness to the portabello mushroom which was absolutely amazing. The breading was fine and delicious with a touch of tanginess from the lemon. Perfect.

Next came the funky fries and they were amazing. For fries that look so fat, there is a crispiness and potato-ey goodness that you could not imagine. The garlic and parsley added a new dimension to the dish, which really elevated the fries. I liked the small fried garlic pieces with the fries because the burnt afterttaste went really nice with the golden fries. Jamies (2)

One of the only Jamie’s Italian restaurants that carries pizzas, this was a must have. We ordered the Fungi Misti ($168) which was lathered with truffle cream, chedder, parm and smoked mozzerella with wild and field mushrooms. It was good but nothing like the truffle pizza in Isola or Aqua, which serve up the most fragrant, crisp and decadent truffle pizza I’ve ever had. As another dish to share, we ordered the Sausage Papardelle ($88 small/ 148 Large) and wild truffle risotto ($88 small/ 148). Both were not memorable – in fact, I remember my company being rather disappointed that the sausage paparedelle came with grinded meat instead of sausages – talk about false advertising.

Jamies (4)



For dessert, I was really disappointed because they had run out of the epic brownie ($78) but no worries, I got one of my favourite desserts of all time, tiramisu ($65). Now this was a weird one because though I love tiramisu probably more than anything in the world (my breakup food of choice. You’ll catch me spooning bucketfuls of Cova tiramisu after a bad break or a rough day). This particular tiramisu came with orange marscapone and orange zest, which really gave it a different edge – an edge I’m not sure I really liked. That being said, some people could really be into this – people who are really into Jaffa cakes will think that this is a godsend.

Will I be back? Though the music was kind of entertaining (shoutout to Bruno Mars, Avicii and American Authors), it was rather loud in there and the sound really bounced off the walls and bore straight into my skull. Food was not bad but nothing really popped out at me (okay, maybe I had one too many funky fries) but overall, I don’t think that this place is a must-go. I won’t be rushing back anytime soon but I won’t rule it out in the future.

Rating: ★★★☆☆Jamies (5)Jamie’s Italian Hong Kong. Shop 412, 4/F, Ocean Centre, Harbour City, 17 Canton Road, Tsim Sha Tsui. 3758 3333


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