Something new


Before you say anything, I know that I don’t have the most stable relationship with this blog… This time I have a real excuse, though. The website actually got hacked a few months ago (really, I had it coming since my admin password was ‘jocelyn’) and all the files got corrupted. I basically had to start afresh and learn everything because I used to pay someone to host the site for me and she decided to stop doing that. No hard feelings though, she is actually a very nice girl.

This weekend I decided that enough was enough. Not only do I pay to for the web domain, I also pay for hosting and a plethora of other services. It was just an itch I had to scratch so, in order to restore the site, I spent 14 hours learning about wordpress.org, nameservers, webhosts, MySQL and cPanel. Pretty crazy stuff, eh? I took this opportunity to learn how all these platforms worked and completely revamped the website.


What I’ve been up to: I did a shoot with my friend, Alex not too long ago and I forgot how much fun these could be. We spent the first two hours lounging in the Starbucks across a park (where we had planned to shoot,) then started roaming about the city looking for places to shoot.  We were going for an urban and grungy vibe; we went around City Hall, an odd patch of fauna, and a couple of random buildings that we stumbled upon. I think that it went pretty well, but more importantly, I had so much fun just hanging out with such a hardworking artist (Alex doesn’t specialise in just one style of photography and is a regular photographer in London’s music and bar scene.)


The feels: This was the first shoot that I’ve done with all my tattoos on show. It felt strangely liberating to be able to show all of them, instead of having to hide them. I am proud of these art pieces: especially the ones I got in Hong Kong by Ross @ Star crossedTattoo.  One of the most creative and hardworking people I’ve met for sure! I genuinely loved all his ideas (though I wasn’t sure about the scale at first) and carry his work with pride. My tattoos all tell a story and more importantly, are a part of my story.



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