New Beginnings

My 24th Birthday

Birthday Flowers

The internet is full of quarter-life crisis articles, this isn’t one of them. This is more a list of things that I did on my birthday. A twitter version of what went on. Minus the emojis.  

What I actually did
The last hours of being 23 was really great. I can honestly say that for now, being 24 isn’t too bad but let me just walk you through a few things that happened on the day.

23:55 Having a small meltdown about turning 24. Counting down the final 10 seconds like the drop of new years. Tragic.

00:00 My parents call me at 12a.m. on the dot.  I miss their first call, but I quickly call them back and they sang “Happy Birthday” to me over the phone. I almost shed a tear, but manage to compose myself. I thank them for the 5kg “birthday package” that they sent me a few days ago.

00:05 le boyfriend gives me my first birthday gift

8:00 My body pulls a quick one on me and decides that on this particular morning (I usually wake up between 9-10:30 because I sleep so late), I wake up at 8am to find my boyfriend making breakfast and tea for me. Aww.

9:30-12:30 Class. I chose the worst day to be late, because the prof was standing outside the classroom waiting for the class to finish class evaluations as I scurried in.  Awkward.

Front desk of my residence calls me during class and leaves me a message claiming that there’s a package for me.

12:40 Quickly head home to find a huge bouquet of flowers waiting for me at the Front Desk.

14:00 Go to the Tea Haus to flex my mind muscles and get some work done. I have one more essay until the end of the semester, so I’ve got to make it a good one. The owner of the shop is very kind to me and offers me free tea for the day. (For those curious, I got the Milk Oolong, one of their best sellers which has a very earthy yet creamy flavour to it.)

18:00 Wait for le boyfriend to get downtown from class and go to his place to cuddle for half an hour before heading to the next event.

19:00 My first prose  reading ever. I read a piece I did about German apple cake (Apfelkuchen) and was a ball of nerves. Before I went onstage, I remember asking my friends to “let me off the hook” and was secretly relieved when they told me that I couldn’t have a mic. Update: They found me a mic. Voice trembling, I go onstage to perform. I feel like my performance was as stoic and clinical as Noh theatre.

21:00 Pacing outside of boyfriend’s apartment (unbeknownst to him: he just told me to give him 20 more minutes after I gave him 15 minutes) because he’s preparing birthday things.

I send him a text: been standing outside your door for like xx minutes now. Should I just come back tomorrow?

21:15 I finally get to go into the apartment. He was making a giant brownie out of scratch for me!

21:20 More gifts. And a birthday card! (for those who don’t know, I am a huge fan of greeting cards. I will take any opportunity I am given to dish those out to friends and family. Getting a card for me is sometimes better than getting a gift.) He copies a recipe inside the card and says that it will be the first thing we make together at my new apartment.

22:00 Dinner time.  He knows that I’ve been craving pasta, so makes that for dinner whilst whipping up the chocolate icing for the brownie.

23:00 Quiet time. We study together in bed for class tomorrow.

00:00 Bedtime.

Side note: sorry for the lack of pictures in this post. I was too focused on living the day, so didn’t have time to take pics. Promise that next post will be delish.

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