Learning jQuery and JavaScript

Coding Essentials

I have been pretty much cooped up the last two weeks, trying desperately to learn JavaScript and jQuery.

I have basically been on my butt, doughnut in one hand, fingers flying furiously on the keyboard with my other hand,  trying to figure out functions and objects in JavaScript. One minor critique I do have about Codeacademy is that despite my code being “syntactically correct” on Codeacademy’s software, the code usually has multiple errors when I have checked on online validators like W3C or JavascriptLint.

I have completed my Codeacademy courses (in HTML & CSS, JavaScript and jQuery), but still feel like there is much more to learn about both (jQuery and Javascript) languages so I’ll probably be picking up a few books in the coming weeks before summer kicks in.

I’ve been really struggling with JavaScript. For my last module on Coursera, I am supposed to design a responsive website with elements of HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript/jQuery. I can’t for the life of me, get this code (at least the JavaScript of jQuery elements) to work. It’s been a very frustrating process.

Edit: I debugged it! Turns out that you can’t put a javascript file before the jQuery file. What a silly mistake!

jQuery is basically a JavaScript library that simplifies writing JavaScript. In a way, it is similar to how Bootstrap is to CSS (except it dictates the layout rather than interactive elements). jQuery can manipulate both HTML and CSS elements as well, which makes it very helpful in coding.

Just a quick note of advice for beginners: try get a feel of JavaScript by learning jQuery first. It makes a world of a difference. I started in the deep end with JavaScript and it was definitely a steep learning curve.

Still to come: Jocelyn tackles PHP.

  • PHP is a scripting language for servers and runs sites such as Facebook.
  • It is good for creating interactive webpages.
  • So far, I’ve just learned about the echo function, so I’ve still got plenty to learn!

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