Cocoalatte @ Toronto

Cocolatte (3)

I was supposed to go to Baker & Scone today at St. Claire W., but really ended up at World Class Bakery instead. They claimed to be the “just the bakery” I was looking for at the right location, which sounded sketchy to me so I just left after moseying through the store. I’m glad I did because but  I ended up at this quaint little diner.

I was on my way back to the station when the robin egg blue walls caught my attention. The social media mogul in me identified it with the Twitter logo almost immediately, so I stopped to take a look.  Actually, scratch that, what really made me look again was their gigantic menu printed on one of the shop window. With  choices like strawberry shortcake waffle ($11) and cinnamon churro waffle, I really couldn’t let myself walk past.

Front of Cocolatte store

The nitty gritty: I ordered a cinammon churro waffle ($10) and a large strawberry-banana- orange smoothie ($5.50). I did find it entertaining when they insisted that there were no sugars added to the smoothies; I found that a little excessive.

The waffle itself is not the best in terms of texture, I found it to be a little soft for my taste and rather gummy. However, the sauce is what went so right. The drizzle that was made of fudge and caramel and topped with a very generous dollop of vanilla gelato. The gelato itself stole the show though. The texture made the inside of my mouth feel like it was wrapped in silk. The flavour was rather subtle  (which I liked), and paired well with the waffle and drizzle. I especially loved that the gelato didn’t reek of vanilla extract –  something that I have a lot of problem with in a lot of gelato shops.

The dish did take me back to Spain for a second, back when I was stuffing handfuls of churros into my cheeks like a rabid hamster, so in that regard, they did name the dish aptly.

The service was alright. The staff seemed educated about the menu items and didn’t freak out too much when I whipped out my camera to take pictures of things. The cashier seemed a little hostile when I asked to have a copy of my bill, but I’m just being overly picky now.

Cinnamon churro waffle ($10)Who should come here: As I was inhaling my waffle and snapchatting it to all my friends, I did notice a lot of new mothers pushing their prams into the store. This would  be the place to be, the walls have a very calming vibe to them. I would totally paint a nursery in this colour.

Other people who would enjoy this place are mild hipsters – they do serve almond milk after all – and people who are fixtures at Starbucks (who want a change in location), perpetually working away on their magnum opus. After all, they do have free wi-fi.

Cocolatte. 671 St Clair Ave W, Toronto, ON M6C 1A7. (416) 792-8696.

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