Bang Bang Icecream @ Toronto

Big Bang Waffle with cinnamon toast ice cream

At long last I made it to Bang Bang Icecream. I went yesterday (all the way from North York to Ossington) only to find that it was closed. That was very disappointing. I did however, find a very subpar coffee shop in that area that I squandered four bucks at,  but I digress…Bang Bang cookiesThere was only one other couple waiting patiently for the shop to open outside. Even though the shop opened a couple minutes late, it was all worth it.

Prior to my Ossington adventures, I had done some research on their different flavours. Right off the bat, I knew I was going to get a scoop of their cinnamon toast flavoured ice cream. Everything else was fair game.

Bang Bang ice cream flavours

Displayed on the walls were canisters labeled with different flavours such as Campfire Marshmallow, Beer and Brown Bread, and Avocado. There was also a display of profiteroles($4.75 ~5.20 + tax), cookies ($7.00 + tax) and HK style egg waffles ($7.96 + tax) to sandwich said flavoured ice creams.

Staying true to my HK roots, I went for the HK egg waffle with the cinnamon toast ice cream. The egg waffle was a little too moist (I guess he took it out of the machine prematurely) and didn’t feel like a great pairing with the ice cream. The ice cream on the other hand, was a dream. The texture was a little too icy and hard to my taste, but had such an intense flavour – it hit me like a freight train. It was like baBAM! All these intense flavours just ran straight through my taste buds and electrified my brain. For a brief moment, I just couldn’t compute how amazing this ice cream was.

Bang Bang ice cream selection After my first encounter, I decided to get a little adventurous and try some different flavours. The owner of the shop let me taste the London Fog, Pink Lemonade, Oolong, Beer, Orange… amongst a few others and assured me that they were made out of raw ingredients instead of extracts; at the end, I settled for two scoops of the London Fog and Pink Lemonade in just a paper cup.

The pink lemonade has a hint of raspberry and lemon zest to it that felt like a cha-cha in my mouth. I would classify it as an edible Bath and Bodyworks hand sanitizer. The flavours shimmied all over my palate. The Earl Grey in the London Fog had a slightly floral flavour to it that was both demure and elegant. However,  by the time I had gotten halfway through the London Fog, my tongue started to really freeze up and the flavours got a little lost.

Definitely worth going to. In fact, if it wasn’t for the commute, I would have definitely lugged a few pints back home. 10/10 would return again. Bang Bang London Fog and Pink Lemonade Ice creamBang Bang Icecream. 93A Ossington Ave, M6J 2Z4. +1 (647) 348-1900.

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