French Window

French WIndow (1)

It’s been a while since I’ve written about food. I just haven’t been that excited about the foods I’ve tried recently.

Firstly, I’ve just got to say: I hate places with dim lighting for photography reasons. Because my camera is a super-old digital camera, I have to use this garish, obnoxious flash that lights up the entire room whenever I want to take photographs for reviews; otherwise, by all means: light up the candles and romance me.

Alright, back to the review.

This wasn’t my first time at French Window. In fact, I’d been there once or twice when it first opened. But after their recent renovations, I was curious to see what had become of them. Most places do jack up their prices after they renovate, but strangely enough, FW didn’t. In this premium location, this was very odd to me.

What really brought me back was their bread basket, which I had named the best in Hong Kong since their inception. Unfortunately, they narrowed and simplified their selection, which really started the evening poorly. It completely defeated the purpose of me returning in the first place.

French Window (2)I started off with the black truffle cream soup ($108), which had some heartiness and rustic flavours to start off my evening.  My company for the evening had the white wine steamed mussels ($248), which were absolutely unacceptable: whilst some of the mussels were under cooked, some were almost the consistency of bubblegum. I felt like a puppy gnawing on a chew toy.

Next, I ordered their risotto with scallops. The scallops were gummy, but the texture of the rice was excellent. Each mouthful was a perfectly cooked, elegant symphony of textures. I found the peas to be rather distracting in the dish and was not impressed (they were rather flavorless, so i assumed that they were frozen). So, I pushed them aside like a stubborn 12 year-old.

French Window (3)

I ended my evening with a silky creme brulee ($78), which had a great lacquered surface with a nice crunch. As you can see in the picture, not the most refined presentation, especially for its premium location, but it made up for it in taste.

I probably won’t return to French Window any time soon. The food wasn’t terrible, but I found the experience to be lacking in finesse. At the price point, I really expected more. The staff members also seemed quite confused about the menu and were unsure how to approach us when it came to pouring our wine. That was both disappointing and confusing. I remember being thoroughly impressed with French Window the first time I had visited, but was left feeling quite empty after my meal.

French Window Shop 3101, 3/F, Tower 2, IFC Mall, No.1 Harbour View Street, Central 2393 3812

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