Afternoon Tea @ Kai Tak Cruise Terminal

DSC01677It was the perfect ending to a perfectly lazy Sunday afternoon. The Kai Tak Cruise Terminal is a new place that I have been frequenting in the last couple of months. A great, spacious place to really relax and just take a walk amongst the greenery, without feeling claustrophobic.   Continue reading “Afternoon Tea @ Kai Tak Cruise Terminal”


Cocoalatte @ Toronto

Cocolatte (3)

I was supposed to go to Baker & Scone today at St. Claire W., but really ended up at World Class Bakery instead. They claimed to be the “just the bakery” I was looking for at the right location, which sounded sketchy to me so I just left after moseying through the store. I’m glad I did because but  I ended up at this quaint little diner.

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