Etsy Earpins

EarpinIf you can figure out what those two earpin designs are, then hats off you to you. Recently, I have purchased two earpins via etsy from a seller in the Phillipines, named Arajera. The price of the earrings (as a pair) were $186.24HKD, which I believe is more than reasonable for such unique pieces of jewelry. Continue reading “Etsy Earpins”

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My Favourite New Things

Haul 1I’ve been on quite a spendy streak recently and hauled a few things from Zara, H&M as well as drugstore beauty.

I went a little wild in Zara and picked up quite a few things but my favourite has got to be the oversized denim jacket (pictured). I get such a sense of satisfaction whenever I rip a tag off a new piece of clothing (though in the inverse happens when I unbox a beauty item). Am I alone in this or do you all get that same rush of adrenaline? Continue reading “My Favourite New Things”