15 Thoughts You Get in the MTR

Instead of listening to my hipster-approved music today, I decided to look around and see observe was going on. I guess you can say I really “soaked it in” when some guy rubbed his sweaty shoulder over my cheek. That being said, here are a few thoughts I had during my “journey” home: Continue reading “15 Thoughts You Get in the MTR”

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Summer Reads

Summer Reading

Summer is probably the busiest time of the year for me in terms of reading. Something about the summer heat brings out the bibliophile in me.  Continue reading “Summer Reads”


Weekend plans

TienYa2Sometimes in this big city it’s pretty difficult to find a corner to just think and be alone. After a long day, there is really nothing better than tucking into a corner with a good book soaking in the soft rays of the late afternoon sun. So, I was at the Clear Water bay park last weekend and this is one of my special corners of Hong Kong. Buried here is great trough of childhood memories that creep up on me every time I’m really enveloped in nature. Continue reading “Weekend plans”

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Impulse Buys

Mini Haul I was in need of some makeup on the go recently (for an impromptu coffee date) and I had remembered that I had left my makeup bag on my work desk  just as I got onto public transport. Let me tell you ladies and gents, that was an unparalleled feeling of panic that jolted through my entire body as this thought flitted across my mind. Continue reading “Impulse Buys”


Get Artsy

Breakfast @ Agnes BI’ve always been a fan of brunch and artsy things so naturally when I put those two together today, it pretty much guaranteed a fantastic day. Me and my mother decided to go to the popular agnès b. café  before heading into our modeling clay class. Continue reading “Get Artsy”