Pop Up Dessert Store

sweet-o-logy (1)So I’ve walked past this new dessert pop-up in Festival Walk for the last month or so and finally decided to give it a shot (their food photography is absolutely amazing and seeing all these images plastered around the mall will get your mouth watering in no time).

We ordered the chocolate waffle and strawberry french toast. Honestly, in terms of food, it is quite hard to fault them. The waffle was crisp on the sides but soft and fluffy on the inside. The smore idea (placing melted marshmallows inside of the two heart shaped waffles) is an absolute genius idea and adds great texture and sweetness into the dish. In fact, I would say that it is probably a plus that the waffle batter isn’t as sweet as the usual ones you get at say UCC or Pokka because of the pavlova and marshmallows and  belgian chocolate chip ice cream. The one thing I would comment on negatively is that the french toast is coated with salted butter, which gives the bread a salty aftertaste – something that I’m not quite used to experiencing with the dish. It is also rather unusual for restaurants to leave the leaves on the strawberry on the dish for serving. Other than that, in terms of presentation, service, taste and price are winners in my books.  sweet-o-logy (2)Sweet-o-logy. Shop UG-22, Level UG, Festival Walk, 80 Tat Chee Avenue, Kowloon Tong. 2439 0411.



Date Night Haul + Mini Reviews

Date HaulI have a date coming up and I realised the other day that yes, I do have an outfit but nothing to spice it up. So the obvious answer was to go shopping and a pick up a few bits and pieces. I ended up doing quite a bit of damage at the mall. First, I picked up the Aldo Uleang Necklace ($25.0o) that I have been eyeing for the last couple of weeks.  This love affair started off a couple of weeks ago when I was out with a few friends shopping for sales. After much umm-ing and ah-ing, I’m glad now it is finally in my collection; next, I went to just rambled aimlessly in the mall for the perfect pair of shoes. Let me tell you, the Fioni Maven Hooded Shootie ($59.99) are probably the first on-trend shoe that I’ve fell for.  The cut-outs really do it for me so despite the fact that these cut and make me bleed, I will keep wearing them because they are absolutely beautiful.

My last stop was to the drugstore to nab the perfect nail colour for those hell-ish boots so that I could pull the whole look together. In my mind, I was looking for a blood red that looked like Bobbi Brown’s Bordeaux and nails inc.’s in Tate and Porchester Square ($11.50 ea.) served up just that. Tate is a good blood red that’s easily buildable and chip-proof (four days and still going strong!) and Porchester Square is a Mauve-y, dusty colour that just edges up the look a  little. It’s a feminine colour with some grit to it.


Groovy Tuesday

I miss doing musical posts – been listening to a lot of new stuff recently, with most of it being a jazzy-hiphop/ electronic vibe. I just feel like this is such great music to relax to, it always puts my mind at ease and gives me the imagery of a 1930’s classy bar/lounge armed with really cushion-y chairs and a glass of whisky on the rocks in my hand. How very 007 😉 Oh and by the way, I’m listening to this music with a really musky, amber/vanilla scented candle in the background. Bliss, absolute pure bliss.

Without further adieu, my playlist of the night:

1. Benny Freestyles – Benny & The Jetta (Intro)
2. Janoma – Bubbles and Confetti <– this is like an hour long set, perfect set for me to listen to when I’m preparing myself to go out.
3. Celeste Lear – Light Through the Branches
4. Eddie – Chill
5. Kryone – Wild Youth
6. John Legend – Save Room (I will honestly never get sick of this song)
7. Troy K. – Replay Value
8. yoshinori takezawa – Audio Leaf